StarJet Document Management Solution

Any document -- invoices, statements, cheques, packing slips, etc. -- can be defined as a form (logos, lines, boxes, shading) plus data (the variable information) plus conditions (e.g. print "Credit Note" if an invoice total is negative).

The StarJet Document Management Solution allows a company to create their own custom documents without modification to their applications, and print, fax, e-mail & archive the results.
It can also receive & electronically archive documents incoming to the company.

The StarJet Document Management Solution is a modular system and sold in modules. All the modules are independent of printer drivers by using PCL level 4 or higher.

The Production Solution allows:

  • Design of documents
  • Analysis of document production
  • Production of documents
  • Automatic processing & printing of the documents upon reception of the input data.
  • Optionally, StarCheque, the StarCheque Secure Font Solution, allows:
    • Printing sensitive document items -- such as signatures & M.I.C.R. encoding for negotiable documents such as
      cheques -- securely.

The Archiving Solution allows:

  • Archiving of documents generated by the Basic Solution
  • Fast, flexible retrieval
  • Network client option & Internet option

The Distribution Solution allows:

  • Combining different input files & separating files to different output devices
  • Printing, E-mailing, faxing, publishing en masse

Solutions can be combined as needs arise!

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