StarCheque Secure Font Solution

The Application

The StarCheque Secure Font Solution – designed to work with Appic’s StarJet Document Management Solution – provides organizations with the ability to securely access M.I.C.R. font and/or signatures to print on their sensitive documents, such as cheques. It is meant for use by StarJet users to securely incorporate M.I.C.R. fonts and/or signatures into the Client’s existing application. It is a superior alternative to using plain, unsecured M.I.C.R. fonts & signatures.

The StarCheque Secure Font Solution is a small application that uploads M.I.C.R. font --EB-13 or CMC-7 – and/or signatures to a PCL printer, so that they are ready for use by a StarJet print file sent to that printer from the StarJet Solution. The StarJet print file would contain data and StarJet commands. These StarJet commands allow StarJet users to access the uploaded M.I.C.R. font and/or signatures and print them on the documents.

The M.I.C.R. font and/or signatures are stored securely in an encrypted format on a PC that can access the printer. The use of a SmartCard – a credit card sized card that contains a microchip – allows a user to decrypt the font & signatures for upload to the printer.

Without the SmartCard, M.I.C.R. fonts & signatures are not uploaded to the printer.

The StarCheque Solution as Part of a Turn-Key Solution

Binatek created the StarCheque Solution for use with the StarJet Document Management Solution to provide for the printing of secure items such as signatures and/or M.I.C.R. font. The StarCheque Solution is supported by Appic, the makers of the StarJet Solution.

Binatek also provides for all aspects of cheque printer needs, from the StarCheque Solution to a comprehensive line of Binatek Cheque Paper Stock, Binatek MICR Toner, hardware such as network-capable laser printers, post-processing equipment, and   support & service from our highly trained developers & technicians.

Binatek provides solutions as simple as a single M.I.C.R.-enhanced printer to a fully integrated turnkey system comprised of multiple printers, secure cheque disbursement software, form design software and all the related hardware.

Binatek can provide:

  • StarJet Document Management Solution, in total or in modules
  • StarCheque Secure Font Solution
  • StarCheque Solution Training, Installation, & Support, including Support Contracts
  • Hardware -- such as printers or post-processing equipment such as folders -- & Hardware Service, including Service Contracts
  • Binatek Cheque Paper Stock
  • Binatek M.I.C.R. Toner

The Experience

Backed by 10 years of experience with the “Caisses Populaires Desjardins” – one of the largest credit unions in Canada, producing millions of cheques annually – Binatek stands by its name.

Binatek is also the official M.I.C.R. toner manufacturer for Lexmark Canada.

Binatek distributes its solutions nationwide through authorized business partners.

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