The Personalized Cheque Solution

The Situation

When the Client of a financial institution - such as a bank or credit union - wants new commercial or personal cheques, a number of steps must occur:

  • The Client selects a cheque paper stock from a catalogue at the financial institution.
  • The financial institution orders the cheques for the Client from a print shop that specializes in cheque printing. Usually 200 or more cheques are produced.
  • The financial institution gives a starter kit of non-personalized cheques to the Client.
  • This whole process could take well over 15 minutes.
  • The customer must wait from seven to 10 days, or even more, before receiving the cheques in the mail.

The Application

The Personalized Cheque Solution is an software application that provides the ability to produce personal or commercial cheques from a blank, coloured, perforated cheque paper stock. The Personalized Cheque Solution provides financial institutions with the ability to produce their own personal or commercial cheques on-site for their customers while they wait, with greater revenue.


The Personalized Cheque Solution streamlines the entire cheque production process by eliminating the steps & delay associated with cheques that are produced by printing companies. Even though blank cheque paper stock is used, cheques with a professional image are created in a single pass on a M.I.C.R. laser printer. The Personalized Cheque Solution handles logos, M.I.C.R. fonts, personal or company information & banking information.

By using current high-speed laser printers in conjunction with the Personalized Cheque Solution, laser cheque production is completed in much less time easily.

Flexibility & Control

The Personalized Cheque Solution features the flexibility to add or modify an unlimited number of Clients, set up new bank accounts and change banking information - e.g., address change - in minutes, without costly delays waiting for the new cheque paper stock to arrive. Security controls enable the master user to assign regular user passwords that control access to the various features of the Personalized Cheque Solution. Cheque copies are sorted and directed to local or network printers to give the flexibility where needed in the most efficient manner.

Possible Applications

  • Foreign fund cheques Bilingual cheques
  • One or two signature lines With or without stubs
  • Standard logos for commercial cheques Specialty cheques (eg., special logo for retired people)


    The Personalized Cheque Solution can work two ways.

  • It could be used as a stand-alone solution where the user would have to enter the Client's name & address into it manually. This information would then print on the cheque.

  • It could access a name & address database. By having access to such a database, the user would only have to enter the account number. This would automatically retrieve the Client's name and address for printing on the cheque. The database can be imported from a file supplied by the financial institution.

The Personalized Cheque Solution as Part of a Turn-Key Solution

Binatek provides for all aspects of cheque printer needs, from the Personalized Cheque Solution to a comprehensive line of Binatek Cheque Paper Stock, Binatek M.I.C.R. Toner, hardware such as network-capable laser printers, post-processing equipment, and support & service from our highly trained developers & technicians.

Binatek provides solutions as simple as a single M.I.C.R.-enhanced printer to a fully integrated turnkey system comprised of multiple printers, secure cheque disbursement software, form design software and all the related hardware.

Binatek can provide:

  • Personalized Cheque Solution
  • Personalized Cheque Solution Support, including Support Contracts
  • Hardware, such as printers, or post-processing equipment such as staplers, etc.
  • Hardware Service, including Service Contracts
  • Binatek Cheque Paper Stock
  • Binatek M.I.C.R. Toner
  • Training
  • Installation

The Experience

Backed by 10 years of experience with the "Caisses Populaires Desjardins" - one of the largest credit unions in Canada, producing millions of cheques annually - Binatek stands by its name, and guarantees that cheques produced by the Personalized Cheque Solution will clear at any clearinghouse.

Binatek is the official M.I.C.R. toner manufacturer for Lexmark Canada.
Binatek distributes its solutions nationwide through authorized business partners.

Important Points to Consider

There are a few other important points to consider:

  • By offering these personalized cheques on-site at the branch office, the Client will appreciate better service because they won't have to wait weeks for their cheques as they would if the cheque were produced by the print shop.
  • The volume of cheques used by consumers is diminishing. People are increasingly transient, so it is an advantage to be able offer smaller volumes of cheques at competitive prices. For example, one booklet of 28 cheques at $2.00 per booklet opposed to $7.00 & up for 200 cheques.
  • The Personalized Cheque Solution will generate revenue from the sale of cheque booklets. In certain situations with "Desjardins Caisse Populaire" the payback on the Personalized Cheque Solution was four months!
    As you can see, there are many reasons to have a system of this nature and the main one is to give better service to your Clients.

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