The Application

The InterLaser Secure Laser Cheque Solution is an interface application that provides the ability to produce and electronically sign cheques from a blank, coloured, perforated cheque paper stock. It also provides the ability to produce different forms, such as invoices & statements, from plain white paper stock.


The InterLaser Solution streamlines the entire cheque production process by automating many of the steps required with impact printer solutions. Even though blank cheque paper stock is used, cheques with a professional image are created in a single pass on a M.I.C.R. laser printer. The InterLaser Solution handles signatures, logos, M.I.C.R. fonts, company & banking information, the cheque stub portion, Full Page Stub Overflow, duplicate copies and redirection of duplicate copies.

By using current high-speed laser printers in conjunction with the InterLaser Solution, laser cheque production is completed in less time with fewer people.

Flexibility & Control

The InterLaser Solution features the flexibility to add or modify an unlimited number of companies, set up new bank accounts and change banking information - e.g., address change - in minutes, without costly delays waiting for the new cheque paper stock to arrive. Security controls enable the master user to assign regular user passwords that control access to the various features of the InterLaser Solution. Cheque copies are sorted and directed to local or network printers to give the flexibility where needed in the most efficient manner.

Possible Applications

   . Accounts Payable    . Benefits
   . Cashier Cheques    . Claims
   . Counter Cheques    . Dividends
   . Expense Cheques    . Payroll
   . Pension Cheques    . Property Management
   . Replacement Cheques    . Retirement Cheques
   . Royalty Cheques    . Starter Cheques
   . Tax Rebates    . Additional Custom Applications


Industry sources have estimated that cheque fraud costs Canadian business more than $800 million annually, and it's growing.

Fraud is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar Canadian problem. Over 55% of negotiable document fraud is cheque-related. Document fraud includes:

  • Forgery: alterations made to deceive. For example,                changing the amount on a cheque.
  • Counterfeiting: imitations of reproductions by hand
                            or printing press.
  • Copying: machine reproduction. For example, using
                    a colour copier to reproduce a cheque.

The InterLaser Secure Laser Cheque Solution provides the most effective means to combat the growing problem of cheque fraud via the following methods:

  • Elimination of pre-printed cheques
  • Introduction of high security features in blank
    cheque paper stock
  • Positive Pay
  • Multi-level Passwords
  • Audit Reports

Cost Savings

The implementation of the InterLaser Solution can produce savings of up to 75%. The cost savings are realized in the following ways:

  • Elimination of pre-printed cheque paper stock
  • Usage of less expensive blank safety paper
  • Elimination of the need for bursters, decollators
    and signature stamps
  • Reduction of personnel time for cheque production
  • Elimination of printer alignment test
  • Reduces time spent correcting duplicates &
    missing cheque numbers
  • Eliminates voiding in the case of paper jams.
  • Sets up new banking information and account numbers,   and prints cheques in one pass, fast & efficient.

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