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Image Star
Image Check Systems
By BankSystems Marketing Inc.

Proven, Affordable Image Check Solutions

Image Star check systems provide a proven comprehensive series of image enabled back room check software for today’s community bank. Image Star allows all banks, regardless of size, the opportunity to provide their customers innovative image processing services, on an incremental and affordable basis.

The basic Image Star system includes, proof of deposit software, image transport sorter, controller, laser printer for custom image statements and research print, image archive data base with research, remote support, installation and complete on-site training. BankSystems is with you from the Image Star order signing to the successful installation -ask our customers !

The ImageStar solutions provide proven sophisticated image capability at significantly lower cost. But as important as the initial low cost, Image Star provides the user a friendly incremental growth path to ensure continued affordability throughout the life of the system. This approach allows the user to select and grow the capability of a given application from our microfilm replacement product, to full image check processing.


If you are searching for an affordable proven Image Solution for your bank, then Image Star, with its full featured software, proven Image transports by NCR, Unisys and others, as well as our ongoing support will make us your logical choice.


Image Star Features

  • Image POD, Balancing & Deposit Correction
  • Image Archive Data Base & Research
  • Remote Image Processing for branches
  • Extract Interface to your host system  
  • Image Statements tailored to your specifications
  • Federal Reserve, CD & Tape capture and Load
  • Network Connectivity and remote support
  • Remittance and Lockbox Systems
  • Pre & Post Installation Consulting Services


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