Customer Document Imaging (CDI)

  • CDI is designed to offer the best price/performance in the financial software marketplace. There are a number of reasons for this:  


  • Minimal software acquisition cost

  • Minimal annual software maintenance cost

  • There are no special hardware or software requirements. CDI fits in to virtually any technical environment and utilizes:

  • Industry-standard NT or Novell networks

  • PC's using the Windows operating system

  • Normal network storage (no expensive jukeboxes are required)

  • Industry standard scanners/printers

  • Unlimited inquiry and update users (no seat charges)


  • Documents can be scanned with high or low speed scanners (depending upon volume)

  • Users can provide their own specific titles to the documents. This facilitates easier retrieval

  • Account number, name or social security number can access the documents. A document pick list is provided and the user selects the appropriate document for online review and/or printing

  • On-site training takes less than one (1) day 


  • CDI archives document images of any size

  • Each department can have their own database(s) of documents (up to 80,000 pages per database)

  • Documents can be archived indefinitely, but (if required) identified as part of a closed account

  • Documents can be removed individually or in groups

  • Data like name, phone number, social security numbers, messages/notes, etc. can be automatically extracted from your core system. Most data entry is thereby eliminated

  • OCR - available for auto-indexing

  • CDI operates in conjunction with or separate from the ASI Customer Verification System (CVS)

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