With no audit trail or validators, Armor’s CacheSYSTEM® 3400 time delay dispensing safe offers a low-cost option to its more sophisticated cash controllers. The CacheSYSTEM 3400 can be upgraded to be used with Armor’s CacheTALK® IV software that is fully compliant with the NACS NAXML 3.0 point of sale and back office standard. The software provides a back office interface for real time reporting as well as safe and register totals.

Competitively priced, this safe has many convenient features not found in other similar products: 120-tube vending capacity Easy loading, jam free vending magazine - no more service calls for stuck tubes Large internal storage area Easy to view safe contents when the door is open - you don’t have to get down on     your knees to view safe contents Easy audit vending magazine – see at a glance how many tubes are available Secure but accessible electronics for ease of repair.

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