Armor’s CacheSYSTEM® 2400 is the finest validation safe on the market. It is perfect for those retail businesses that don’t need change dispensing capability but want an intelligent safe into which cashiers can deposit currency taken from the register.

It combines easy-to-use PIN code operation with optical scanning bill validators. The validators accept all U.S. dollars, $100 and below. The safe verifies and counts each bill and stacks it in an internal canister. Its audit and reporting system is the same as our larger dispensing and validation safe. The CacheSYSTEM 2400 tracks transactions by employee and provides numerous reports, including end of day, current status, armored car pickup, shift and individual user.

Cash register closeout is quicker, and because store managers no longer need to count receipts, deposits can be prepared in minutes, not hours. In fact, some storeowners take the metal bill box directly from the safe to the bank. Cash is always concealed.

Important CacheSYSTEM 2400 Validation Safe Features
Multiple user tracking – Up to 100 users Audit trail and reporting – Tracks deposits, who loaded the safe, who dispensed and how much, who opened the door and at what time, many more Stores up to 15,000 transactions in memory Rapid access module for easy upgrading and maintenance No drill emergency access Mars RS-3900 bill validators 

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