The CacheSYSTEM 1200 validation safe and the accompanying CacheSYSTEM 1000 control module are ideal for stores where space is a concern. With a footprint of only 7 inches across and 15 inches deep, the CS-1200 takes up very little room. The control module with keypad can be put in a drawer or on a shelf, even in another area away from the safe.

The CacheSYSTEM 1200 counts bills as they are inserted and stacks them in metal bill boxes. The optional 8½ inch high base has a drop slot for checks, coupons, gift certificates, etc. The safe provides a variety of reports, including end of day, current status, armored car pickup, shift and individual user. A printer comes standard with the safe. The door has time delay and time lock features.

Many stores use the CacheSYSTEM 1200 safe as a remote unit networked with Armor’s larger cash control safes, the CacheSYSTEM 7000 and CacheSYSTEM 2400. For instance, a quick-serve restaurant might have a larger safe at the main register and the remote unit at the drive-up window for the cashier to deposit bills. Up to 14 remote units can connect to the main safe and be stationed up to 4,000 feet away. All information is transmitted to the master safe for retrieval.

Important CacheSYSTEM 1200 Validation Safe Features
Mars RS-3900 bill validator Three-point bolt work Four holes in safe floor for bolt down ¼-inch steel plate body and door Optional 8½-inch base with storage compartment

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