Using CacheTALK II software, store owners have a fast, secure way to verify cash totals in their CacheSYSTEM® safes without going to the store or having a manager call. From a corporate office, home or other remote location, the owner can log on to a secure Web site to view the amount in each cassette and the tube magazine as well as the total amount of manual drops. Armor can even send automatic e-mail messages with end of day or armored car pickup reports. No more waiting for a manager to call in with safe totals and no more rolled deposits. You know your money has gone to the bank today.

Store owners can view: Totals in safe by cassette, tube magazine and manual drops Terminal ID Store information, store name address and phone number Last armored car pickup dollar amount, date and time Type, date and time of each transfer

  All you need is access to a phone line for your safe. The line can be shared with other devices, since the safe uses the phone only two to three minutes each day. We do the rest. It’s a great way to keep even closer tabs on your money!

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